When I was watching the Fort McMurray fires on TV I couldn't imagine fleeing my city and leaving everything behind.  This family was my only connection to Fort McMurray and this is their story written by Tayla Malott.  Thank you so much for the extremely kind words, so honoured to have met your family.  xoxo

"On May 3rd my family was evacuated from our home in Fort McMurray. My husband and I are both fire fighters with Fort McMurray and were still taken back by what was happening. To try to describe how I felt as I was packing a few things from our home, or how I felt driving away from it thinking it was the last time I would see it or the horror I experienced as my husband left me in grid lock (to run back to siphon fuel from our quad) with our two year old son in the back seat as I could see flames approaching behind us, is impossible. My husband escorted me out of town as I was 9 months pregnant and the uncertainty of the next hours to days of displacement location was worrisome for someone in my situation. On our way to Edmonton I had many hours to think. I thought of thing like “what will we do if we lost everything” “will I be alone when I have this baby” and more sellfish things like “I won’t have a nice nursery to bring my baby home to” and “we won’t have any newborn pictures done for him”. The first night I stayed with a friend in Edmonton and Randy turned right around to head back to Fort McMurray . I was sad, scared and felt very alone despite all of the help that was already being offered to me. I woke up to a fb message from someone I did not know. Kristin Bakker. She sent me a message explaining that she had heard from a friend that I was pregnant and displaced and wanted to offer me a free photo shoot! I was in tears. She wasn’t just offering me free photos but rather capturing a few happy memories for my family during such a sad time. She was offering me some normalcy that I wouldn’t have thought to ask for during this awful experience. Of course I accepted and felt truly awed that a stranger wanted to help me. A few short weeks later I gave birth to my second son, Forrest Jason Hoggarth. Not long after we got to meet Kristin in person when she came to our rental house to take pictures and a video of my little family. The experience was amazing! She captured our normal day to day routine. The pictures are not only amazing in quality but she was able to freeze in time the most precious simple moments with our children. The video and pictures are something we will cherish forever. I think I have now watched the video about 30 times! Also our entire families were truly grateful to Kristin for this snap shot into our life during this crazy time as they live in Ontario and have been worried about us. I am now back home and can’t wait to hang these amazing pictures in my still standing home. I consider Kristin a friend and an extremely talented person. I want everyone to use her and experience what my family has. Thank you Kristin."


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