I just completed my morning with Maddy & Myles - I had my camera ready to go the night before and started documenting first thing in the morning.  So check out what this morning looked like over at our place!

Maddy usually comes in my room and wakes me up but Myles beat her this morning.

IMG_6713 copy

Such a happy boy in the morning (usually).

IMG_6716 copy
IMG_6717 copy
IMG_6718 copy
IMG_6723 copy
IMG_6727 copy

Best bed head ever.

IMG_6728 copy
IMG_6734 copy

She just happened to want to hold her brother today, can't say no to that!

IMG_6757 copy
IMG_6769 copy
IMG_6770 copy
IMG_6798 copy
IMG_6795 copy


IMG_6782 copy
IMG_6781 copy
IMG_6778 copy

Downstairs to play and eat.

IMG_6811 copy
IMG_6812 copy
IMG_6835 copy
IMG_6842 copy
IMG_6844 copy
IMG_6856 copy
IMG_6865 copy
IMG_6877 copy
IMG_6894 copy
IMG_6904 copy
IMG_6914 copy
IMG_6925 copy
IMG_6928 copy

Nap time.

IMG_6982 copy
IMG_6989 copy
IMG_6999 copy
IMG_7001 copy
IMG_7019 copy
IMG_7030 copy
IMG_7042 copy
IMG_7051 copy
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IMG_7104 copy
IMG_7111 copy